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Posted on 19th Feb 2024 13:34:51 in Guest Info


We are always looking for ways to improve our carbon footprint, while maintaining the same level of service for our clients. With this in mind, and after lots of in-house testing, we have made the move to electronic apartment instructions. Paperless versions that can be accessed via your My Pebbles account. They are also provided via a link in the automated emails sent out 2 days before your arrival and one day after arriving.

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Posted on 28th Dec 2023 15:55:39 in Guest Info

Emergency numbers

Falling sick on holiday is the last thing anyone wants, but it can happen. If you, or a member of your party needs urgent, or non-urgent medicial attention during your stay – here are the numbers to call.

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Posted on 29th Sep 2023 13:48:05 in Guest Info

Tram in Nice

From July 2023, tram tickets from the airport are 10€ per person and there is a one off supplement of 2€ which issues you a plastic card you for you to keep and use to top up with other passes on any of the machines at any tram stop. Or you can top up your card via the LIGNES D'AZUR app.

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Posted on 7th Mar 2023 17:25:00 in Guest Info


If you’re looking for somewhere to store your luggage, we are happy for you to do so at our office, free of charge, during opening hours (9am – 5pm Mon – Fri) but for those of you looking to store your luggage later than 5pm or at the weekend, we recommend the website Luggage Hero.

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Posted on 21st Dec 2022 15:59:43 in Guest Info

Solid shampoo

We are delighted to announce that here at Nice Pebbles we are making an effort and reducing our carbon footprint and upgrading our environmental efforts. We have been doing this for years by providing paperless booking and checkin and checkout process, by chosing and using products that contain little or no plastic in our office and in your holiday apartment and now we have gone a step further and replaced liquid shampoo and gels with a solid shampoo and body wash alternative.

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Posted on 1st Jan 2018 09:19:31 in Guest Info

credit cards.jpg
Credit cards

From 13 January 2018, all retailers are forbidden to charge for credit card transactions under the EU's Payment Services Directive. Yet, all retailers still have to pay the credit card company for facilitating.

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Posted on 16th Jun 2019 18:20:42 in Guest Info


For a few years now, amidst the glamour, sunshine and joli de vivre, there’s been a gremlin in Nice. Not for much longer! The dust that has plagued the city is finally being swept up, the barricades are gone from walkways and everywhere there are beaming prideful smiles as the city embraces the new airport to port tramline.

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Posted on 6th May 2022 12:48:50 in Guest Info

Pick up post.png
Pick up post

Being abroad shouldn’t mean that you miss out on online purchases or letters from loved-ones – and it doesn’t. Guests staying for more than a couple of weeks often ask us how they can receive parcels and letters whilst living in France.

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Posted on 5th Feb 2022 19:19:31 in Guest Info

Printing and office facilities in Nice

It’s no secret that France has a penchant for paperwork, and dealing with the seemingly endless list of contracts, application forms, and certificates can be overwhelming – not least when it comes to printing it all out.

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Posted on 19th Dec 2022 15:30:41 in Guest Info

Enjoy your holiday a little longer_ (1).png
Check-out 12 noon as standard

At Pebbles, all our guests are VIPs – that’s very important Pebbles. You lovely bunch are also unique and we know one service does not fit all. We always try and go the extra mile to ensure your holiday needs are fulfilled. As well as being on-hand for all queries by phone and email, guests are more than welcome to pop into our office located at 32 rue Tonduti de l'Escarene to ask any questions; whether it be about your Pebbles apartment or local information.

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Posted on 28th Mar 2018 21:18:38 in Guest Info

Getting along with the neighbours.jpg
Nice apartment neighbours

When you stay with Pebbles, you’ll get the best of both worlds; traditional French buildings that don’t compromise on luxury or quality. Many of our properties are located in grand apartment blocks in the heart of Nice – and whilst it’s great to live like a local alongside les Niçoises, it’s important to respect the neighbours in the buildings that you stay in, and remember that they are probably not on holiday and won’t be happy to be kept awake until late in the night if they have work the next day.

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Posted on 25th Nov 2022 19:46:05 in Guest Info

important info collage.jpg
English speaking doctors and dentists in Nice

We understand that our guests can sometimes feel a bit disorientated and all over the place, especially if it’s your first time in Nice. Luckily, Nice is an easy city to navigate around when the unexpected happens, and we’re also here to help if needed.

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Posted on 19th Feb 2018 19:32:13 in Guest Info

safety in Nice blog post.jpg
Nice city crime rates

Nice has a very low violent crime rate. As cities go, it’s a very safe one, so you can feel safe when walking around during the daytime or evening. Nice knows where it’s bread is buttered, and the local authorities work hard to maintain their main source of income – tourists.

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Posted on 26th Nov 2018 15:25:42 in Eats & Drinks

Christmas on the French Riviera blog post.jpg
Enjoy Christmas in Nice

Fed up of spending your Christmas day in cold, drizzly weather? Come and soak up some soak up some winter sun, and enjoy the festivities in Nice and the French Riviera. There’s plenty to do from the Christmas markets to traditional swims in the Med.

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Posted on 2nd Apr 2018 15:12:48 in Guest Info

cannon man collage.jpg
What's that boom? 12 noon in Nice

It’s your first day in Nice and you are sipping a cold drink on the Cours Saleya waiting for your lunch to arrive. Then BOOM! You jump out of your skin when everyone around you remains unperturbed. Don’t worry, it happens to all of us – for the uninitiated, this is the century old tradition of the Nice Cannon and a reminder to every self-respecting Nicois.

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Posted on 24th Nov 2018 15:03:42 in Guest Info

Disposal of plastic and glass

Not all heroes wear capes – some just know how to properly separate their recycling. Once you know what can / cannot be recycled and how to do it, it’s easy! To help you on your way, we’ve provided some simple recycling guidelines to follow during your stay in Nice.

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Posted on 7th Feb 2018 14:53:13 in Guest Info

velo bleu.jpg
Using the town bikes in Nice

The Vélo Bleu's 1000+ city bikes, the Riviera’s first bike-sharing program. Following in the footsteps of the popular Vélib' bicycles in Paris, for little more than the price of a baguette you can unlock a bike, give the traffic and taxis a miss, and tour the city in eco-style.

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Posted on 5th Nov 2018 14:42:55 in Guest Info

Need a ride_pic.jpg
Hailing a cab in Nice

If you’re expecting to leave a bar and hail a black or yellow cab (or any colour in-between), prepare for a shock. Nice taxis are very regulated and it’s a mean feat to hail anything bigger than a cycle-taxi on the promenade.

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Posted on 5th Nov 2018 10:29:25 in Guest Info

pharmacies collage.jpg
Finding a pharmacy in Nice

The French are proud of their pharmacies. Though they don’t offer glitzy eyeshadow or sell super-cheap meal deals à la Boots, French pharmacy has well trained pharmacists (quasi-doctors for simple maladies) and are well-stocked with all manner of pills and potions for every conceivable ailment. Many speak very good English, and most will try to help you overcome any language barrier.

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Posted on 18th Jan 2024 07:58:26 in Guest Info

Parking in Nice

Most locals use public transport for a reason: driving and parking around Nice city centre isn’t fun, or cheap. Public transport around the city is far more relaxing, easy and kinder to your wallet.

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Posted on 16th Aug 2018 11:16:57 in Guest Info

packing collage.jpg
Packing for Nice, France

Passports, boarding passes, adaptors, electronics’ chargers, prescription meds, toothbrush, hairbrush… We all know to never forget these things, but we all do. Well, with the stress of deciding what to pack and what to leave behind, something is always bound to go amiss.

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Posted on 17th Aug 2018 16:07:28 in Guest Info

Public holidays photo.jpg
Public holidays in France

Every year, France celebrates a rather generous 11 public holidays, with Bastille Day (14th July) and All Saints Day (1st November) being the most widely celebrated. Here's how to plan around them during your stay.

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Posted on 15th Sep 2018 20:50:36 in Guest Info

tramp post pic.jpg
East-West Tramline

The Ouest-Est Tram Line is almost set to rock and rail! After testing the line throughout September, the plans to have part of the tram line up-and-running in December are looking positive. However, this will only provide transport between Magnan and to le CADAM. So unfortunately, the line won’t yet be of much benefit to our guests staying in the heart of the city.

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Posted on 15th Oct 2018 10:47:29 in Guest Info

Shops restaurants bars.jpg
Shops, restaurants & bars

The French schedule and traditional opening times might not completely mirror what you’re used to home. The French take their lunch and leisure time seriously, although as a tourist hotspot, Nice will have significantly more doors open than in industrial towns.

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Posted on 11th Oct 2017 09:21:39 in Guest Info

Exclusive Côté Sud Parfums signature brand

Regular guests may have noticed that our toiletries have changed, as we phased out working with the high street brand L’Occitane to the more exclusive and local Côté Sud Parfum. The change came about earlier this year when we put in our regular order to L’Occitane, and it was refused!

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Posted on 11th Aug 2016 20:51:01 in Guest Info

Un Geste pour Tous

Pebbles works with the local charity, Un Geste pour Tous (a gesture for all). Un Geste pour Tous is a humanitarian association that helps everyone who needs it without discrimination. They give vital help to people of all races, religions and nationalities both in Nice and abroad.

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