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Riviera Pebbles Blog: Need a ride? Taxis in Nice

Posted on 5th Nov 2018 in Guest Info


Need a ride_pic.jpg
Hailing a cab in Nice

If you’re expecting to leave a bar and hail a black or yellow cab (or any colour in-between), prepare for a shock. Nice taxis are very regulated and it’s a mean feat to hail anything bigger than a cycle-taxi on the promenade.

Not to worry, like all innovation, business has found its way around the regulation, and here’s the lowdown on what’s available when you need wheels.

Nice taxis

What the locals say: Nothing much good: Due to extortionate city licence costs, and a protectionist system, there aren’t many around, and their rates are super-high.

What to know: To cut the surcharging and discipline the tourist-conning taxi drivers there is now a set rate for journeys from the airport to anywhere in the city centre: €32 (+ €4 charge if booked in advance). Many of the more unscrupulous drivers do not adhere when they know they have tourists in the cab. Request the fare when you get inside, and make sure it’s agreed to. Or at the very least, make sure you can see the meter.

Hail by: You’ll need to go to a designated taxi rank to pick one up or call +33 493 13 78 78.

Uber app

What the locals say: Convenient, but not as cheap as it used to be, especially at night.

What to know: The innovative app shows you how close you are to an Uber taxi at any moment and gives you a choice of car/vans for your journey, 24/7. The app gives you a predicted price before you book, so you can always back out if you aren’t willing to pay what they’re quoting.

Hail by: The Uber app

FRED app

What the locals say: New, exciting and ethical too? Let’s give it a try.

What to know: This app is new, starting in Nice in 2018 and with ambitious expansion plans. Through a click through the app you can easily reserve or call for an immediate taxi (with Sedan, Van or Luxury options) 24/7. This new service prides itself on its values of Humanity, Responsibility, Solidarity and Innovation – bringing a win-win service to both driver and client, as well as giving to charity with the unused ‘credits’ from each passenger. The prices are reasonable, but for the moment, slightly above that of Uber, as they are taking a stand for ordinary people, and pride themselves on being a collective rather than a big business.

Hail by: The FRED app


What the locals say: I feel the need, the need for speed

What to know: If you’re brave and in a rush, hopping on the back of a motorcycle, snaking through the traffic, is a cool way to travel. Insurance is included with the prices, as well as all the necessary gear and small luggage racks for your belongings. Moto-Taxi has slightly higher prices than the regular taxis due to all these extras included but may well be worth the experience.

Hail by: Call +33 1 88 328 518 (French speaking) or find out more at:


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