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Posted on 4th Sep 2020 15:44:10 in Eats & Drinks

le Panier image.jpg
La Panier

Just off Cour Saleya, this wonderful little restaurant fills up with those heading away from the Promenade after a stroll or swim.

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Posted on 16th Feb 2020 20:15:14 in Eats & Drinks

La Mise Au Verre

If you find yourself in the heart of Nice after an evening of exploration, we highly recommend you try this bistro, La Mise Au Verre on Rue Pastorelli.

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Posted on 3rd Aug 2020 10:58:41 in Eats & Drinks

Lou Pastrouil sits a block behind Nice's Promenade

A decade ago Lou Pastrouil was a decrepit tabac selling pressions and gambling chits. The same spot, with the same name, has been re-energised as a fabulous hybrid of café-bar-restaurant.

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Posted on 7th Jul 2020 10:55:16 in Eats & Drinks

Place Garibaldi, where café-bars abound

Pick of place Garibaldi’s dozen café-bars is Giuseppe e Pepino. Grey garden chairs are spread liberally across a vast terrace shaded by pink pepper trees. Inside it’s just as inviting.

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Posted on 3rd Jun 2020 10:51:39 in Eats & Drinks

Le Relais inside the Hotel Negresco has welcomed a century of celebrity

Le Relais has played witness to every Riviera character from Alain Delon to Jean Cocteau since 1913. As the hotel bar of Le Negresco, Nice’s grand dame establishment, its century of clientele reads like a globalised who’s who.

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Posted on 5th May 2020 10:47:06 in Eats & Drinks

Lunch is served: courtesy of Le Comptoir

Gluten-free, egg-free, vegan and organic. It’s all offered by the sympathetic (and bilingual) chefs at Le Comptoir, Nice’s leading whole food establishment.

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Posted on 1st Apr 2020 10:45:04 in Eats & Drinks

Les Amoureux, widely regarded as the best pizza in all France

Les Amoureux was once declared the no.1 restaurant in France by TripAdvisor. That’s right, in the land of triple-Michelin stardom, a humble pizza joint grabbed the top spot.

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Posted on 3rd Mar 2020 10:41:35 in Eats & Drinks

Poseidon in Nice: world-class seafood for less

Top chef Keisuke Matsushima didn't relocate from Tokyo to Nice just to make sushi. Instead the Japanese restaurateur won the légion d'honneur, France’s highest order of merit, for adding an Asian precision to French seafood cuisine.

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Posted on 4th Feb 2020 10:34:08 in Eats & Drinks

Le Cours Saleya: Nice's best strolling street hosts La Civette

The outdoor bistro chairs on Nice’s finest strolling street have been a fashionable go-to for a century. From 8am until the early hours, the great and good arrive to sip espresso, Ricard and verres de vin.

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Posted on 7th Jan 2020 10:30:18 in Eats & Drinks

Meet the Niçoise hipsters in Le Comptoir

As its name suggests, the Comptoir was once an age-old electrical store where locals purchased light bulbs. Those same vintage bulbs now illuminate an impossibly trendy café-bar.

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Posted on 3rd Dec 2019 10:25:12 in Eats & Drinks

The fishing boats in Nice Port provide Bistrot du Port's harbour fresh cuisine

The Bistrot's du Port’s €16 lunch menu is like a drug. Once you've sampled their discount prix fixe, which includes wine, coffee, a starter and a seafood main, you're hooked like the fish they specialise in.

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Posted on 4th Nov 2019 10:21:05 in Eats & Drinks

Heady dining at Le Plongeoir in Nice

Today Le Plongeoir offers an inventive restaurant connected by a precipitous bridge over the Mediterranean, offering an unrivalled Niçoise seascape.

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Posted on 10th Aug 2019 19:19:31 in Eats & Drinks

La Petite Maison

When the president or a rock star comes to town, it’s usually in the paper the next day that they dined at La Petite Maison. When you see the restaurant from the outside, you’d be surprised – at first glance it looks like many of the other eateries along the posh part of the Old Town, just a little bigger than the norm. Then up close you notice the sculptured sweets at the entrance, the large terrace area is encased in burgundy curtains and there are plenty of chandeliers alongside flickering candlelight for a warm, relaxed ambience.

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Posted on 10th Jul 2019 13:35:26 in Eats & Drinks

La Popote d’Ondine

La Popote d’Ondine is the epitome of lazy, tasty Sunday breakfasts but all day long, and for every day of the week. Yay! Waffles, pancakes, salads and homemade cakes galore, all heartily washed down with shakes, juices and gourmet coffee.

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Posted on 2nd Oct 2019 13:44:38 in Eats & Drinks

Gésu's menu - barely changed in three decades

Euro-for-Euro, Gésu must rank as the best restaurant in Nice. Its terrace heaves with diners who bellow orders from plastic tables, while sinking €8 pitchers of Cotes de Provence.

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Posted on 2nd Sep 2019 13:34:28 in Eats & Drinks

Fenocchio ice-creams in Nice Old Town

Fenocchio describes itself as a Maitre Glacier, or 'master ice-cream maker'. From its picturesque locale on place Rossetti in Nice Old Town, it has scooped award-winning cones since 1966. Celebrity foodies including David Lebovitz are fans.

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Posted on 1st Aug 2019 13:27:52 in Eats & Drinks

Japanese restaurant Kamogawa in Nice

If only Instagram had existed when Japanese eatery Kamogawa set up shop decades ago. The restaurant would have become an instant hit.

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Posted on 18th Jun 2019 21:05:00 in Eats & Drinks

Rue Dalpozzo

You can easily miss Rue Dalpozzo, but you shouldn’t if you’re looking for great little venues where the friendly vibes and excellent cuisine brings more word of mouth business than any advertising or high -rents-for-high-footfall ever could. The locals eat here, alongside the tourists who have found the street on a previous visit and keep coming back for more.

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Posted on 12th Mar 2019 14:38:53 in Eats & Drinks

Vegan Gorilla

Opening its doors in 2015, Vegan Gorilla’s organic and locally sourced vegan cuisine remains a big hit with the locals. Run by M. and Mme Berton, you’d be glad you’ve stumbled across this hidden gem in rue du Lycée, found mid-way between the Old Town and Jean Medicin.

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Posted on 1st Mar 2019 16:16:54 in Eats & Drinks

fat mermaid collage.jpg
The Fat Mermaid

When Victoria and Jeremy; husband-and-wife team and the brains behind The Fat Mermaid, planned a romantic getaway to Ireland, they hoped for museums, beautiful scenery, and friendly locals. What they couldn’t have predicted was their new-found love of Irish cuisine. Crispy battered fish, chunky chips, and impossibly green mushy peas – this British institution captured their hearts and stomachs, and so upon their return to France, The Fat Mermaid was born.

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Posted on 1st Dec 2018 09:58:56 in Eats & Drinks

The healer_preview.jpeg
Easy five a day

This cute almost hole-in-the-wall, located at 16 Boulevard Jean Jaurès offers juices, smoothies and take-away pots of nutritious food including raw food cakes. What makes it a little different is the owners know all things nutritious and are happy to chat in English and French about how you can heal from what you put into your body-temple. For an area where vegan food, or “free from” isn’t as accessible as other areas, this is a god-send for some.

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Posted on 1st Dec 2018 09:54:50 in Eats & Drinks

italians jean jaures.jpeg
Italian eats on Jean Jaures

As well, as Sushi, Jean Jaures is a foodie heaven for those pizza and pasta carbs. Since Nice’s history makes the town a hybrid of Italian and French, you’re never far away from Italian cuisine, of varying quality.

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Posted on 1st Dec 2018 09:49:10 in Eats & Drinks

Sushi Stops- Boulevard Jean Jaures.jpg
Sushi Restaurants Jean Jaures, Nice

We’ve no idea why, but over the years Jean Jaurès has been taken over by Sushi. The boulevard is home to three sushi shops, Planet Sushi, Sushi Lune and Le Kobé, each with their own twist.

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Posted on 29th Nov 2018 09:29:10 in Eats & Drinks

chez olive.jpg
Chez Olive, Felix Faures Nice

Cool without being pretentious, here you can enjoy traditional Provencal food such as ravioli and focaccia, beef daube and cod fillets. There’s enough for vegetarians, and portions are generous.

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Posted on 26th Nov 2018 15:25:42 in Eats & Drinks

Christmas on the French Riviera blog post.jpg
Enjoy Christmas in Nice

Fed up of spending your Christmas day in cold, drizzly weather? Come and soak up some soak up some winter sun, and enjoy the festivities in Nice and the French Riviera. There’s plenty to do from the Christmas markets to traditional swims in the Med.

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Posted on 4th Jun 2018 10:36:50 in Eats & Drinks


Mangez-Moi is a charming oasis within the hustle and bustle of city life, complete with a flower garden, orange trees, colourful seating and twinkling lights. It’s USP are the home grown citrus fruits grown in the garden of the Parisian owner’s Martine and Hugues.

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Posted on 28th Oct 2018 08:28:38 in Eats & Drinks

Oliviera collage.jpg
Oliviera restaurant

We’ve been coming to this small restaurant (which doubles as a speciality olive oil shop) for over a decade now. It remains my absolute favourite, and almost every time I dine, I overhear voices from other diners who murmur in delight at the flavours.

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Posted on 25th Apr 2018 08:20:30 in Eats & Drinks

Lybane collage.jpg

We’ve only eaten here a few times, but it’s always fast service with a smile alongside contented locals and tourists both inside and out. A Lebanese restaurant with a decent outside area can make a nice change when in Nice for a while.

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Posted on 3rd Aug 2018 08:13:36 in Eats & Drinks

le bocal collage.jpg
Le Bocal, rue Alberti, Nice

A small, intimate place, with laid-back vibes and a middle-eastern touch; Le Bocal caters exclusively for lunch, opening for just four hours a day. Just a five-minute walk from the Pebbles office, it is a particular favourite of our team when we’re after a quick lunch-time treat.

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Posted on 23rd Oct 2018 17:35:48 in Eats & Drinks

Bistrot dAntoine collage.jpg
Nice's Bistrot d'Antoine

When we speak with our Pebbles guests, and they ask for recommendations for traditional French cuisine at reasonable prices, we invariably direct them to Bistrot d’Antoine, the cosiest, most popular and romantic bistro tucked away in the back streets of the Old Town.

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Posted on 24th Jul 2018 10:42:42 in Eats & Drinks

Le Chantecler, Negresco, Nice

With its two Michelin stars, is one of those places you might overlook until a very special occasion arises. Life’s too short! Go now – it’s a fab experience, if you can get in that is, early-bird booking is essential (it took us three attempts before we secured a table for four).

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Posted on 19th Jul 2018 14:13:27 in Eats & Drinks


Alounak prides itself on the hearty meals suitable for most eating genres: vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free friendly and carnivores (though meat dishes are a token few – the flip side of a standard restaurant). So, as the owner says himself, it’s a restaurant for vegans who have non-vegan friends. The owner is a vegan, and is very happy to talk vegan, but also happy in the company of meat-eaters too. It’s just good honest food, from an owner with a similar personality.

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Posted on 19th Jul 2018 14:04:56 in Eats & Drinks

Pékin Restaurant

Perhaps the best restaurant of its kind in Nice, Pékin is an absolute must for vegans and vegetarians. Think a three course-all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet-style meal but with a twist. The restaurant has been around a long time, but converted to being fully vegetarian in 2017. Where a dish is vegan, you’ll see a sign on the menu (over 50% of the offerings are).

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Posted on 18th Jul 2018 13:46:39 in Eats & Drinks

Big Fernand, rue Gioffredo, Nice

Big in name and big in flavour, Big Fernand is the place for all things burgers when staying in Nice. The restaurant is a modern twist on the American diner experience and is children friendly. There's always a queue for either eating in, or taking away.

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Posted on 7th Jul 2018 15:04:15 in Eats & Drinks

au vieux four.jpg
Au Vieux Four, Emmanuel Philbert, Nice

Often hailed as the best pizzeria in Nice, Au Vieux Four is not one to miss. Cooked in the “Vieux Four” (old oven) these pizzas are baked to perfection. In peak months, you’ll struggle to get a table if you go after 8pm, especially at weekends, but they can take reservations and speak enough English for you to call and book.

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Posted on 7th Jul 2018 14:59:56 in Eats & Drinks

Lane rouge collage.jpg
L’Ane Rouge, Quai des Emmannuels, Nice

Almost a Port institution, this restaurant has been Michelin starred for years, and remains so for 2018. For a special occasion, this is a gourmet treat, high on flavour with superior presentation. The menu changes often, largely governed by what fish has been caught that day.

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Posted on 7th Jul 2018 14:53:41 in Eats & Drinks

Peixes in Port

If you’re fancying top quality fresh seafood but don’t want to head over to the Port, then Peixies (pronounced ‘pesh’) is the place for you. Just a minute from Place Massena, with a great vibe in the evening in this part of town, this restaurant is a must for the fish lovers!

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Posted on 7th Jul 2018 14:24:45 in Eats & Drinks

emilies collage.jpg
Emilie's Cookies, rue Alberti Nice

Connoisseurs of bagels, quiches and of course, cookies, Emilie's Cookies is one of the hottest spots along the Riviera for brunching and lunching. There are two branches in Nice, and a few others across the French Riviera.

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Posted on 7th Jul 2018 14:16:46 in Eats & Drinks

stuzzico collage.jpg
Stuzzico in the Old Town

It might just look like a hole in the wall but it’s much more exciting than that. Stuzzico’s is one of the best places to find quick take away Italian food in Nice. It's also very handily located – just off Rue de la Préfecture - if hunger strikes on the way home from a party night.

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Posted on 26th Mar 2018 20:55:14 in Eats & Drinks

The Cote d'Azur's Michelin starred restaurants dish up lunch from €25

The South of France is a cauldron of fine dining. Across Provence and the French Riviera, some 90 restaurants boast 110 Michelin stars. But will the Cote d’Azur continue to pull in foodie visitors?

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Posted on 4th Jul 2017 10:04:44 in Eats & Drinks

Mine's a caipirinha! It's cocktail hour on Nice's rooftop bars

Want to sip like a millionaire? Get the garçon to uncork the rosé at these three rooftop bars. Just don't forget the sun cream!

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Posted on 18th Jun 2015 15:13:48 in Eats & Drinks

© Rosa Jackson/Les Petits Farcis

The Niçois eat it at any time of day, but it’s perfect for a late breakfast or in the early evening served with a glass of rosé.

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Posted on 11th Mar 2015 11:07:14 in Eats & Drinks

Shamrock of St Patrick

In Nice for St Patrick's Day? Pining for a refreshing pint of Guinness? You're in luck!

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Posted on 5th Jan 2015 11:52:20 in Eats & Drinks

Courtesy of Steph Gray/Flickr

As the New Year begins, you will notice French boulangeries, patisseries and even supermarchés fill up their shelves with a special cake. Much more than just a cake, this pastry is a beloved tradition with roots that go back as far as the Roman Empire.

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