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Riviera Pebbles Blog: Les Amoureux, Nice

Posted on 1st Apr 2020 in Eats & Drinks


Les Amoureux, widely regarded as the best pizza in all France

Such is the passion for this pizzeria, and such are the vagaries of TripAdvisor, that Les Amoureux was briefly declared the no.1 restaurant in France. That’s right, in the land of triple-Michelin stardom, a humble pizza joint grabbed the top spot. As decor and service are little to write home about, that status was garnered on the pizzas alone.

The bubble-doughed, char-crisped creations topped with mozzarella di bufala and prosciutto di Parma are crafted by husband and wife team Ivan and Monica. Both chefs are sanctioned by Italy’s esteemed Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana.

So tasty is Les Amoureux's cuisine that informal dining clubs exist simply to eat their way through the 50-pizza menu list. Favourites include Capricciosa, with artichokes, black olives and mushrooms for €14, and Nanninella, with pistachio cream, ricotta and mortadella for €15. Try pairing those with a hearty €12.50 half-litre pichet of Merlot.

Fame has allowed the chef-couple to take months off each year to experiment with far-out flavours. Pizzas classed as ‘nouveautés’ include Nase 'e Can with truffles and Neapolitan sausage, and Donna Cuncetta with crème de cèpes and smoked mozzarella. The truly nutty can ask for toppings of hazelnut and chocolate.

Diners without an advanced reservation will be turned away without a second glance. Message ahead on Facebook, or plan on eating elsewhere.

46 boulevard Stalingrad


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