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Riviera Pebbles Blog: Celebrate St Patrick's Day in Nice

Posted on 11th Mar 2015 in Eats & Drinks


Shamrock of St Patrick

In Nice for St Patricks Day? Pining for a refreshing pint of Guinness? You're in luck! Whether it's a quiet one surveying the port at sunset you're after or a buzzing dance floor with live music, there's an Irish Pub available to suit all moods on March 17th. We went straight to the patrons to get their view on each of these celtic delights.

  1. Ma Nolan's Port, 5 Quai des Deux Emmanuels, 06300 Nice
    Alexis says: "Green light for my favourite pub in Nice! Hits the spot every time. Thursday night is "Trivia Night" or Quiz Night! Arrive early as places fill up quickly by Niçois Expats. The house burger is delicious. The cocktails are good. The service is efficient. There's also free Wi-Fi and it actually works! Don't forget to check out it's sister Pub Ma Nolan's in the Old Town. Super sunsets on sunny days with a lovely view of the port. Life is good at Ma Nolan's!"
  2. Ma Nolan's Old Town, 2 Rue Saint-François de Paule, 06300 Nice
    Anna says: "Excellent location, friendly, well maintained and decorated interior! My favourite dish is the perfect Irish stew with cheesy chips acompanied by a Magners with a dash of blackcurrant syrup ...What an absolute delight! Very accessible, even on a budget."
  3. Snug and Cellar, 22 Rue Droite, 06300 Nice
    Hope says: "If you're in Nice and want to watch a football match on television, this is the place! Small and cozy Irish pub in Old Nice, full of jovial (mostly-English) ex-pats who are more a part of the worn interior decor than the mismatched Irish knick-knacks smattering the walls. Impressive allegiance to showing football matches, with the entire international, Champions and Premier League viewing schedule mapped out for the month, available in paper form on top of the bar. Average pints of Guinness, didn't try the food. More like hanging out in your parents' kitchen or living room than chatting at a pub -- but I think there's a charm to that!"
  4. Checkpoint Pub, 2 Rue Desboutins, 06300 Nice
    Jeremy says: "Great bar! The tables were a little wobbly (or maybe it was just me). Music is good and the beers are great! Easy location to stumble to and from!"
  5. Waynes, 15 Rue de la Préfecture, 06300 Nice
    Orane says: "The Second time I set foot in the lovely Wayne's it felt natural to faire la bise with the manager and staff. It's an obligatory stop for me whenever I visit Nice.Upon entry, the tone is set: loud music and beer flowing freely. [n.b. in the day time the atmosphere is a lot more relaxed.]Let's be clear, Wayne's is REALLY NOT the place to immerse yourself in the traditional daily life of Nice. It's full, almost exclusively, of English speaking expats. The same goes for the staff (by the way, I have a big crush on Sarah, she's such a friendly and smiley waitress)! As for the food...I sometimes catch myself dreaming of their mozzarella sticks and veggie burgers. A pure delight for no less than 3000 calories a bite!But no matter, all those calories will be eliminated in one hour on the dance floor, that is to say the tables that are converted into a dance floor. You'll hear a good mix of commercial music mid-rock-pop and punk, sometimes played by a live band, sometimes played by a DJ."

    To sum it up:

    - Meals: 9/10
    - Atmosphere: 10/10
    - Quality of Service: 9/10
    - Overall Satisfaction: 20/10

You can find the locations of all these Irish Pubs on Google Maps.


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