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Riviera Pebbles Blog: The Ouest-Est Tram Line is almost set to rock and rail!

Posted on 15th Sep 2018 in Guest Info


tramp post pic.jpg
East-West Tramline

The Ouest-Est Tram Line is almost set to rock and rail! After testing the line throughout September, the plans to have part of the tram line up-and-running in December are looking positive. However, this will only provide transport between Magnan and to le CADAM. So unfortunately, the line won’t yet be of much benefit to our guests staying in the heart of the city.

More importantly for our guests, the fully operational line, from the Port all the way to the airport is expected from September 2019. From then, our guests can benefit from the line at tram stops Alsace Lorraine, Jean Medicin, Massena, Durandy, Place Garibaldi, Rue Segurane and finally Port Lympia.

We’re sorry as this does mean there is just a few more months of construction work expected (but much quieter than in the last three years as it is mostly underground now). We do not know where the works will be carried out, as they are all over the city at any given time and can last just a few days or hours in one spot before they move. We know it is a pain, but trust us, it will be worth it.

Once fully operational, the journey from the airport to the port will take only 26 minutes. And with a timetable of a carriage leaving the station around every five minutes in peak hours it is expected that 15000 passengers per day will use the line. Nice has invested heavily into this project, and we are all impatient for news and to benefit from the new line. We’ll update as soon as there is anything substantial to report.


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