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Riviera Pebbles Blog: Recycling your rubbish in Nice

Posted on 24th Nov 2018 in Guest Info


Disposal of plastic and glass

Not all heroes wear capes – some just know how to properly separate their recycling. France happens to be far behind a lot of other developed countries in its recycling habits (with under 25% of household waste recycled in France, much lower than the Europe’s average which is over 30% ¹), so let’s not add to the problem. Once you know what can / cannot be recycled and how to do it, it’s easy! To help you on your way, we’ve provided some simple recycling guidelines to follow during your stay in Nice.

Either in the apartment building or just up the road from the building (this is common in the old town), you will find places to dispose of your rubbish (brown and yellow bins). The exact location of your bins will be listed at the front of the pebbles welcome folder found in your apartment, and this will be pointed out to you by your pebbles Rep if you use the Meet and Greet service upon your arrival.

In this location you will find two types of rubbish container: one for household waste (usually a black, grey or brown lid) and one for recyclable packaging (yellow lid). More waste than you probably expect can be placed in this yellow bin, as long as it is empty packaging. With cardboard, plastic and metal packaging (such as drinks cans, food tins and even aerosol cans) being what most of our dry waste is made up of, all of this can be separated into the recycling.

Glass and paper should not be put in either of the general waste or recycling bins. There are separate containers on the streets of Nice for these materials, and they are never more than a 5-minute walk away. The website Ourecycler is a useful tool to find your closest containers - just type in the apartment’s address and it will show the closest glass or paper containers (they are usually found side-by-side).

If you are ever in doubt of what can go in what bin, both the yellow-lid bins as well as the glass and paper containers have stickers on them showing what can be put in them. The recycling guide at Tousecocitoyens is also very helpful to tell you where any material should go.

See… we told you it was easy. At Pebbles we are all keen recyclers and now it’s time for you to put on your cape too and make a difference!


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