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Riviera Pebbles Blog: How to be a pro-packer: our fool-proof guide

Posted on 16th Aug 2018 in Guest Info


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Packing for Nice, France

Passports, boarding passes, adaptors, electronics’ chargers, prescription meds, toothbrush, hairbrush… We all know to never forget these things, but we all do. Well, with the stress of deciding what to pack and what to leave behind, something is always bound to go amiss.

All year round, whatever the weather forecast, sunglasses and sunscreen are a must as the sun is always strong in the South of France. Packing layering clothes is the best bet as those chilly mornings can turn into sweltering afternoons. A lightweight coat should be brought for the months October – March.

You might want to plan ahead by checking if you don’t want to shop for anything on a small break.

On our Quick Answers section there are links for info on what Pebbles do and don’t provide. You may also want to order things like beach towels, cots and highchairs on our GUEST EXTRAS page.

quick answers

Most things that you might need are available in Nice, but Nice is an expensive city and more shops have long lunch breaks than what you might find at home. Sometimes, some items might be worth bringing along with you. If you need any medications during your stay you will have to go to a pharmacy and buy over the counter, even for every-day pain killers – a real headache if your needs hit on Sunday when almost all the pharmacies are shut.

The prices of products such as sun creams, mosquito repellent and cosmetics can be triple the price of cheap brands at home. Think about picking these items up at the airport if you are only bringing a carry on. You’ll have shampoo and body wash to get you through three or four days in all our apartments, but you’ll need to bring your own supplies for longer stays.

If you find yourself in the enviable position of having extra space in your bags, some extra bits and bobs you could consider packing would be DVDs, your own Netflix account if you are booking an apartment with a SMART TV, or some convenience products for the kitchen/bathroom that you won’t find in our apartments unless a previous guest has left it behind for you such as cling film, Tomato Ketchup, salt and pepper, extra toilet roll, etc. It’s also known amongst some British tea drinking guests to pack a small bottle of skim milk, which is almost impossible to buy in Nice.

What we provide with every stay can be reviewed before you pack on each of our apartment particulars, and on our FAQs: WHAT IS PROVIDED IN THE APARPTMENTS? and SHOULD I PACK ANYTHING FOR EXTRA COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE?

Finally, they say grandma has the best tips. Mine taught me to roll my clothes instead of the classic fold. She’s right – less creases, more room. Give it a try if you’re not doing it already. For special items, roll with tissue paper since this helps avoid creasing.

We’re hoping that these tips and tricks can be beneficial for your Nice Pebbles holidays and help you to get the best out of your stay with us.


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