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Riviera Pebbles Blog: Parking in Nice

Posted on 18th Jan 2024 in Guest Info


Parking in Nice

Most locals use public transport for a reason: driving and parking around Nice city centre isn’t fun, or cheap. Public transport around the city is far more relaxing, easy and kinder to your wallet.

The city has excellent transport links which come at a small price, including the new Ouest-Est tramline, which runs from the airport all the way to the Port down the Promenade des Anglais. It is all most of our guests really need. See our Transport Guide and Tram Guide Post.

If you want to go sight-seeing by car, consider hiring it for the day, rather than the duration of your stay. Please also note that because car spaces are hard to come by in the centre, 90% of our apartments do not have a car parking space, and if you’re lucky enough to spot a space on a road, you’ll have to have gold-medal parallel-parking skills to squeeze into the gap.

If you really must have a car, then Nice holds around 19000 car parking spaces so worry not, there are enough to go around - but be prepared to flex that credit card.

Tourists can expect to pay around €30 per day to park. Some car parks do offer special deals for customers – take the Promenade des Arts for example, which offers a seven-day deal where customers pay €110 instead of the standard €24 per day. You can also get 60 minutes of free parking in most car parks in Nice, but be warned, if you go over by even one minute you will be charged.

Different car parks are run by different companies and that's why there are different rates, different rules and different web sites for different car parking companies.

Interparking Nice is a web site with 5 large car parks in different areas in central Nice. The benefit is that you can search by dates and it allows you to book your parking in advance.

Indigo car parks also offers search by dates and location and allows to book the parking online.

Another useful web site is Nice Azur Parking. You can't book online, but it lists 17 car parks in different areas, provides information whether car parks offers more than a day stays and provides information on parking rates for different periods of stay for each of their car parks, which can be downloaded as a pdf.

For the tech savvy, try the app Zenpark where you can reserve and pay for your parking space online and use the app at the car park entrance.

Please don’t presume you will be able to unload your bags outside a Nice Pebbles apartment; this is usually not possible due to busy and one lane only roads in Nice. If you stop, every car behind you has to wait. It’s best to contact your Pebbles Rep / reservations before you leave so we can plan where you can unload, and then of course help you take your bags to the apartment.

Below is our map of Nice centre with the main car parks guests might need. This isn’t a full list. For the nearest car park to your chosen apartment, see the listing page where we include a ‘How to Get There’ section towards the bottom.

Map of car parks in Nice

Name and address of car park (left to right):

  • Californie. 6 Avenue de la Californie.
  • Louis de Coppet. Rue Louis de Coppet.
  • Palmeira. 47 Rue Saint-Phillipe.
  • Palais Massena. 29 Promenade des Anglais.
  • Interparking Grimaldi. 11 Rue Maccarani.
  • Corvesy. 3 Rue Alexandre Mari.
  • Parking Vinci Park Palais de Justice. Place du Palais du Justice.
  • Marshall. Place du General Marshall.
  • Parking Vinci Park Saleya- Marché aux fleurs. Cours Saleya.
  • Promenade des Arts. 18 Avenue Jean Baptiste.
  • Port Lympia. Quai Amiral Fernet.
  • Sulzer. 103 Quai des États-Unis.


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