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Pebbles Blog: Posts in Archive November 2018

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Posted on 16th Nov 2018 12:03:00 in Your apartment

Electrics & Appliances.jpg
Electrics & appliances

We absolutely agree with Anne Lamont’s second truth: “almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes…including you”. (Anne Lamont - 12 truths I learnt from life and writing)

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Posted on 12th Nov 2018 17:18:14 in Go & Do

cagnes sur mer museum blog post.jpg
French Riviera Towns: Cagnes

A seaside town between Nice and Antibes with unbeatable picturesque views, Cagnes sur Mer is a hidden gem. The town is most famed for the Musée Renoir (link to phoebe’s art Renoir blog post), as well as the below.

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Posted on 30th Nov 2018 09:32:19 in Go & Do

Librairie Acropole.jpg
Books: Acropole, Jean Jaures Nice

Booklovers will adore this cosy and charming enclave located just off Place Massena. Spend a few minutes with the owner and you’ll see he’s clearly infatuated with all things literary. It’s a friendly place for bookworms and there’s always someone on hand to help you choose from the well-curated array of books.

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Posted on 28th Nov 2018 09:24:21 in Go & Do

promenade du paillon.jpg
Nice's Paillon parc

Unveiled in 2013. the Promenade du Paillon is the result of an extensive (and expensive) renovation project which transformed a run-down bus station in to the natural oasis that it is today.

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Posted on 27th Nov 2018 09:15:22 in Go & Do

Parc Phoenix.jpg
Park Phoenix in Nice

Parc Phoenix is a godsend for families. There’s a playground, small petting zoo, aquarium as well as the famous Diamant Vert pyramid. It's easy to get to - just near Nice airport.

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Posted on 26th Nov 2018 15:25:42 in Eats & Drinks

Christmas on the French Riviera blog post.jpg
Enjoy Christmas in Nice

Fed up of spending your Christmas day in cold, drizzly weather? Come and soak up some soak up some winter sun, and enjoy the festivities in Nice and the French Riviera. There’s plenty to do from the Christmas markets to traditional swims in the Med.

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Posted on 24th Nov 2018 15:03:42 in Guest Info

Disposal of plastic and glass

Not all heroes wear capes – some just know how to properly separate their recycling. Once you know what can / cannot be recycled and how to do it, it’s easy! To help you on your way, we’ve provided some simple recycling guidelines to follow during your stay in Nice.

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Posted on 5th Nov 2018 14:42:55 in Guest Info

Need a ride_pic.jpg
Hailing a cab in Nice

If you’re expecting to leave a bar and hail a black or yellow cab (or any colour in-between), prepare for a shock. Nice taxis are very regulated and it’s a mean feat to hail anything bigger than a cycle-taxi on the promenade.

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Posted on 11th Nov 2018 14:23:15 in Go & Do

spas blogpost.jpg
Spa-days in Nice

Many of our guests ask for spas for when they stay with us, wanting to combine winter sunshine and walks down the Promenade with a French Riviera spa day – few do relaxation and beauty better. Here's where you can book some me-time.

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Posted on 22nd Nov 2018 10:08:25 in Go & Do

Musée Massena image: Nice Tourisme

Born into French Riviera aristocracy, Prince Victor d’Essling built Nice’s finest pleasure palace next door to the Hotel Negresco. It now serves as the city's history museum.

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Posted on 20th Nov 2018 10:04:30 in Go & Do

Image: Opéra de Nice

The Nice Opera House blings like an Emirati throne room. That’s because it was designed by architects Charles Garnier (the brains behind the Casino de Monte-Carlo) and François Aune (who studied under frequent Nice resident Gustave Eiffel, of Tower fame).

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Posted on 19th Nov 2018 10:01:11 in Go & Do

Star-studded shops of Nice Etoile

Nice Etoile could have easily dated into a naff mall that hocked velour pantalons. Fortunately Nice's premier shopping centre offers sushi and smoothies, plus free WiFi and 24-hour parking.

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Posted on 18th Nov 2018 09:58:11 in Go & Do

Contemporary culture:Villa Arson

The Villa Arson hasn’t stopped pioneering since 1970. It remains a cultural hybrid of arts university and museum, where it showcases the experimental output of students past and present.

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Posted on 16th Nov 2018 13:55:46 in Go & Do

Galerie Lympia: prison to arthouse

Nice’s newest art space has a history as colourful as the city itself. In 2017 this former prison became an unlikely venue for gloriously uplifting art.

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Posted on 15th Nov 2018 11:09:51 in Your apartment

Troubleshooting: Common tech issues during your stay

To quote The IT Crowd, “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” Without meaning to be flippant, this is probably the first question we ask if you contact us via phone or email to report a fault, and statistically, it solves some 30% of issues immediately.

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Posted on 5th Nov 2018 10:29:25 in Guest Info

pharmacies collage.jpg
Finding a pharmacy in Nice

The French are proud of their pharmacies. Though they don’t offer glitzy eyeshadow or sell super-cheap meal deals à la Boots, French pharmacy has well trained pharmacists (quasi-doctors for simple maladies) and are well-stocked with all manner of pills and potions for every conceivable ailment. Many speak very good English, and most will try to help you overcome any language barrier.

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