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Riviera Pebbles Blog: Troubleshooting: Common tech issues during your stay

Posted on 15th Nov 2018 in Your apartment


Troubleshooting: Common tech issues during your stay

We’re here to help, but oftentimes tech issues are solved by working through a few issues quietly and methodically, without the pressure of someone waiting on the phone for you to do a,b,c.
So, in case this helps our guests, along with the Pebbles folder with you where we provide instructions on every appliance from tech to the washing machine, here’s our quick fix guide to tech issues that has fixed problems for guests in the past.

Common fixes are these:

Internet issues

No Wi-Fi connection:

  • check your device isn’t on airplane mode or the Wi-Fi is not disabled: either would prevent you from connecting at all.
  • Check the router connection: If none of your devices can connect, it’s likely a problem with the router in which case the “turning it off and on again” tactic usually works, try both the switch on the router and the wall socket. Wait five minutes and turn back on. Often just by restarting the router, this resolves connectivity problems.
  • Restart your device: a lot of phones/tablets can build up errors whilst in flight mode, and a restart can clear them off

Incompatible devices:

Sometimes for individual devices (such as those from the USA or Canada), the router may not be compatible with it, and unfortunately with some routers this cannot be changed. In which case if you get in touch with us we can have our IT manager investigate, and we can provide an Ethernet cable on request if your device has an Ethernet port.

TV issues

Cable TV not working:

  • Check the router, this is often linked; when the router isn’t working, neither will the cable box. Many a problem has been fixed by unplugging and replugging the cables on the router or behind the TV.
  • Try restarting the cable TV box. If the box won’t respond to your commands, the box usually needs a restart.

‘No signal’ displayed on TV:

  • Check the input / source button. This fixes 90% of issues that guests call about. It is likely that the wrong input is selected, and you will need to change the source to what is stated on the laminated instructions (usually HDMI1).
  • Check the connection between the cable box and the TV. Possibly the cable is plugged into a different input to what is stated, or it is a loose connection and needs to be unplugged / replugged to get a good contact.
  • If none of the above work, then we’ll of course do what we can to get you connected as soon as possible.

Troubleshooting Guide


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