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Pebbles Blog: Posts in Archive June 2014

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Posted on 19th Jun 2014 11:15:11 in Muse Mag

Nice Port's War Memorial - courtesy of Jesmar for WikiMedia Commons

Sited at the strategic crossroads of Europe, everyone has wanted a piece of France. Greeks, Romans, Vandals and Normans have all staked a claim. More recent invasions by Italians, Germans, Americans and Brits changed the course of history – much of it on the Southern French beaches where Europe now sunbathes all summer long.

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Posted on 16th Jun 2014 15:11:44 in Nice News

guides in boxes.jpg
Guide in boxes

We’re just about able to stand on our tiptoes and see over the brown paper boxes containing yep, our 5th Pebbles Guide. 1,000 of them arrived at our UK offices this morning, and the other 24,000 copies are trundling down the motorway making the journey over to Nice. They say they are going to be there by Monday, but we’re hoping not since our usual storage place can’t home the 15 pallets and we’re desperately seeking another! It will all work out in the end…

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Posted on 10th Jun 2014 11:02:07 in Muse Mag

The Riviera personified:

In a recent interview with local newspaper Riviera Reporter, Vettriano confides, “I’m in Nice as often as I can be; I find the climate, the light and the people-watching there such a pleasure and very inspiring… Ultimately, perhaps it’s the light down there – such a counterpoint to the grey days spent in London or Scotland.”

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Posted on 2nd Jun 2014 10:37:27 in Pebbles Properties


Congratulations to our Picasso apartment which on 17 May was chosen by The Times Newspaper feature "Top 20 Villas on the French Riviera". Well, both our Owner and us are a little puzzled about how this two bedroom apartment made it within the realms of 19 other grand places with ground and pools, but it shines amongst them nonetheless. Who are we to argue?

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