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Riviera Pebbles Blog: Hiring a car abroad to get more difficult for Brits

Posted on 7th May 2015 in Nice News


©Nicholas A. Tonelli/Flickr

Pebbles are warning future British guests that there could be problems hiring a car in France. On 8 June 2015 the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) will scrap the paper part of the driving licence. All your details will be stored online, similar to what’s happened with tax discs[1].

The DVLA recommends destroying paper counterparts after 8 June. However, the AA is advising people to hang on to the document, in case some hire companies are unaware of the new arrangements.

"Not all car rental companies, or indeed traffic police abroad, will be aware of the changes, so a 'belt and braces' approach of also taking the counterpart might help," said AA president Edmund King[2].

72 hour code

If you want to hire a car you will need to get a code to give to the hire company. The code lasts for just 72 hours so if you decide later on during your trip that you want to hire a car you’ll have to go online while in France.

All Pebbles properties have Wi-Fi so guests can access this unique eight digit code from the DVLA website, without wasting time and money in an internet café[3].

The code is not an official requirement and it will depend on the individual hire company's terms whether or not it is required. Just as some car hire companies do not currently ask for a counterpart, not all will ask for a code after 8 June.

Keeping guests informed

Pebbles have spoken to Elite Rent, our recommended car hire firm in South France, about the changes in the law. Elite have confirmed that the paper counterpart license is not required to rent with them, and suggested that it should not prove problematic with most auto rental services as far as they are aware. Pebbles guests can take advantage of a 10% discount with Elite Rent.

We will update this blog as and when we receive key updates from the DVLA or respected motoring bodies.





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