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Riviera Pebbles Blog: Parlez-vous Français?

Posted on 4th Jan 2019 in Muse Mag


learning french final collage.jpg
Mastering the French language

It may be world-renowned as the language of love, but it’s also a universal truth that learning French can unfortunately be a labour of love. Our English roots leave us lazy, it seems everyone speaks English and so we’ve never had to make the effort to be understood. Yet, grasping even just the basics of the French language can be life-enhancing to enjoying more of the world you visit.

Many Pebbles’ guests admit to being bitten by the French bug during their stay on the Riviera. (Some of our English-speaking guests have now reached the 50 stay mark). Many want to grasp a basic level of French or to salvage the little they may have learnt at school, to enjoy the experience even more.

To boost your iron-will that this year you really will get started, here’s some stats: Apart from the swoon factor when you hear the French accent, the French language is an official language in 29 countries. Moreover, some 200 million people learn French as a foreign language, is the sixth most widely spoken language worldwide and is the second most widely learned foreign language in the world.

During these busy times, as we all know, there’s never enough time. So, many now take a break and combine language learning with their holidays. There are several immersion courses on offer along the French Riviera where guests take a Pebbles’ apartment for four weeks or longer and go back to school during the day.

For all our guests, students (mature or otherwise), expatriates or just those who are curious, we have created these 3 steps which will help you in your journey to becoming a true Francophone.


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