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Riviera Pebbles Blog: Step 3- Keeping with it

Posted on 4th Jan 2019 in Muse Mag


learning french step 3.jpg
Step 3: Keep with it

To become fluent, you must find a continuation method of learning. Once back home, commitment and practise are key.

If you are not using the language you will get rusty, and though it will all be there somewhere, your brain won’t access it quickly enough to converse and you’ll sadly lose your French flare.

Yet, we live in a global world, with tech connections. The web, the DAB radio, French news is all accessible.

There are numerous language learning software packages that can be purchased or downloaded onto your phone/laptop. Duolingo, an app that can be downloaded onto your phone is well respected and has helped many language learners improve their skills. Apps like these are great as you can use them on the go such as on your way to work or whenever you find a spare 5 or 10 minutes.

90% of our staff are not French, but most of us living in Nice have a decent level of French. We learnt through various channels, and we all understand what a commitment it is. No-one can get it for free, or eve for Christmas. Everyone must go through a pain barrier and commit time and energy.

Most of our team have not learnt French through traditional schooling, though most of us did it at school to some degree. Instead, we’ve picked it up by living here, visiting, or short courses. Our team staff have succeeded. Their collective tips are to use, (for grammar), and to watch the film Bienvenue chez les ch'tis.

Of course, you should also plan as many visits as possible to Nice and stay with Pebbles. There are plenty of groups here where you can find chat partners where you help someone improve their English whilst they help you improve your French.

Bonne chance!


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