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Pizza Perfect

Au Vieux Four: 1, Rue Emmanuel Philibert, 06300 Nice, Tel. 04 93 89 00 89

Bar du Coin: 2 Rue Droite, Nice 06000, Tel. 043 62 32 59

There are dozens of fantastic pizza places in Nice and the French Riviera, but two have remained our favourites since moving down here. Arguably the best pizzas we have ever come across are from Au Vieux Four (means "by the old oven") behind the Old Town and on the way to the Port in Nice, and Bar du Coin in the Old Town, just near to Place Francois and very local to many of our rental apartments in Nice.

We're not the first to rave about Vieux Four pizzas - the pizza chef, Fritz, has won awards for his pizzas, and although this was now some time ago, back in 2006, as far as we can tell nothing has changed since then.

holiday apartments NiceAlways packed with fresh ingredients on a paper-thin crust that can only be achieved when baked in a wood-fired oven (au feu de bois), the pizzas are never stodgy. Since many offer healthy toppings, they aren't too bad on the waistline either. One of my firm favourites is their Provençal pizza with red peppers, freshly sliced tomatoes and aubergines topping the cheese and tomato base. Matthew is rather fond of the "Vieux Four", their own version of the calzone with crème fraiche, tomatoes, cheese and mushrooms. Some more exotic choices for fish fans are their Pizza noix de St-Jacques (scallops) or their Scampi pizza, both with parsley garlic butter sauce.

Vieux Four is not all about pizza. There are salads, meat and pasta dishes too and some fantastic specials - the St-Jacques risotto being one of my favourites. And then of course there are the desserts - it's very hard to ever resist their tiramisu and since the pizzas are light but satisfying I find I've usually got tummy space.

holiday apartments NiceThe prices are very reasonable and the atmosphere often buzzing. Even though the restaurant can hold up to 60 covers, you'd still be wise to book ahead at the weekends. Part of the success of the place is the decent yet reasonably priced wine list and the friendly and efficient service you will always receive. We'd always advise enjoying the atmosphere and eating in, but if your Nice apartment beckons, Vieux Four offers a take out service too.

holiday apartments NiceFriendliness, efficient service and great pizzas are also on offer at Bar du Coin. Again, always busy with a buzzing atmosphere (especially on the pavement terrace), it serves pizzas that are always mouthwateringly tasty. With a slightly thicker base than those offered at Vieux Four and often more topping heavy, the pizzas at Bar du Coin pack a punch. Matt and I are both rather partial to their "pizza spéciale" topped with chorizo, onion, red peppers and an egg, or if I'm feeling a little less like comfort food, I'll go for the "Jaws" with tuna.

Again, there is more to Bar du Coin than just pizza. As well as meat and pasta dishes they also offer some mountainous salads. I love their "Exotica" where the main accompaniments are pineapple, avocado and prawns. Healthy and filling in one shot.

We can't choose a favourite between the two - it depends on our mood and where we are in town that day. If we want light and delicate and a craftsmen pizza we'd head to Vieux Four but if we want something heavier and a little greasier - but still great - we'll choose Bar du Coin. If you're a pizza lover you'll probably want to try both, but certainly put at least one on them on your shortlist when staying in one of our holiday apartments in Nice.

— Gayle, Riviera Pebbles. If you would like to contact Gayle, you can email her at

holiday apartments in nice
Many visitors to Nice are surprised at the number of pizza restaurants in the streets of the Old Town and beyond. This strong Italian influence is a result of the city's long association with the Kingdom of Savoy, ruled out of Piedmont and Sardinia. As in Italy, the pizza served in Nice has a thin crust that's often a little charred around the edges. I always think it's best to go for the simpler pizzas: perhaps a Niçoise with tomato, cheese and anchovies (for fans of this salty fish) or a chorizo, with spicy sausage and red pepper. In most restaurants, a bottle of spicy oil will land on the table at the same time as the pizza. Use it with caution: the longer the chilli peppers have been marinating, the hotter it will be.