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Cuisine of the Islands

La Guérite: Ile Sainte Marguerite, Cannes, +33 (0)4 93 43 49 30; ferry +33 (0)6 61 36 64 42

There are countless great restaurants on the Côte d’Azur. I can’t pretend to have tested even a fraction of them, but I can safely say that La Guérite is fairly unique. If you’re looking for somewhere a little different for a special occasion, La Guérite fits the bill.

holiday apartments in CannesThe Iles de Lerins are a small collection of islands and islets just off the coast of Cannes, Ile Sainte Marguerite and Ile Saint-Honorat being the two islands. The Iles de Lerins are renowned for their natural beauty; scenic hiking trails and breathtaking views are only a short boat ride away from Cannes. The islands also have a rich history, including the legend of the Man in the Iron Mask, who was imprisoned on Ile Sainte Marguerite for over 10 years.

While many of our guests will choose to visit the Lerins Islands while staying in one of our holiday apartments, you don’t need to spend a day visiting the Islands to enjoy a meal at La Guérite.

You’ll feel like a star when you’re picked up by a private boat uniquely for customers of La Guérite to escort you directly to the sandy shores of Ile Sainte Marguerite. Be warned though - you’ll feel a wee less glam when you arrive windswept and breathless after the bumpy 5 minute race across the bay of Cannes. I struggled to maintain the pose of a Hollywood starlet arriving as dishevelled as I did, but I tried and the pout at least remained intact. On closer inspection at the shore, I realised young starlets need not worry – there is the option of parking their own yacht near the restaurant. However, if your status and bank balance are more like mine, I’d recommend a coat and a hairbrush! Men might want to score brownie points by suggesting this in advance to their loved ones.

holiday apartments in CannesWe arrived directly on to a sandy cove and were escorted to our table. It was a gloriously sunny day, as it should be for anyone’s La Guérite experience. The setting really is the epitome of Riviera living. The sunshine, golden sand and swaying palm trees must be a favourite photo for the glossy holiday brochures. I hope my attempts to capture the scene do it justice, though I fear not.

La Guérite specialises in fish, though you will find a couple of meat dishes available. Some may find the menu slightly limited, especially if you aren’t a fish lover. However, the fairly restricted menu means that the dishes they do offer are extremely fresh.

We opted for the menu which was 45 Euros comprising of three courses, which was remarkably good value for the setting of the restaurant. Other dishes, such as their speciality bouillabaisse are in a different price range all together.

We started off with a bottle of chilled Côtes de Provence rosé recommended by the waiter, which suited the occasion perfectly. The service was leisurely but friendly, allowing clients to take in the tranquillity of the location. This is no place to eat in a rush; you should save an afternoon to really make the most of it.

The starter of ‘Soupe de Poisons de Roches’ was served in a large bowl at the centre of the table and we served ourselves. Warm and tasty, despite being a little over flavoured, the soup was a welcome entrée for our rumbling tummies.

The main course was the fish of the day and was a very well presented fillet of sea bream served with thinly sliced potatoes and roasted vegetables. The fish was extremely fresh and its delicate flavour was really complimented by the flavoursome vegetables.

The fish made a lovely light main course, which made a dessert hard to refuse. Tarts featured heavily on the dessert menu, made freshly on the premises, though there are also ice creams, sorbets and fruit salads to choose from. We were torn between the lemon meringue tart, pear tart and the classic tarte aux pommes. I opted for the tarte aux poires (pear tart) and wasn’t disappointed. Though I wouldn’t usually choose it myself, I have to admit the lemon meringue pie was indeed as good as the staff had told us.

holiday apartments in CannesI found the menu to be very good value, taking in to account the boat ride and the unique setting La Guérite provides. Other choices can be pricier, especially if you fancy the lobster or the bouillabaisse, though as many people choose la Guérite for a special occasion, splashing out may be just what you need. The wine will also add to your bill. We plumped for the Chateaux Sainte Beatrice which set us back around 40 Euros a bottle.

After your meal, you’ll welcome the deck chairs for a little siesta before heading back to Cannes, or if you’re feeling more active, you can take a post meal stroll to burn off a few of the excess calories and explore the island and stroll along the shore, shoes in hand and sand beneath your toes.

La Guérite is open every lunch time during the summer, though in this natural haven, lunch time can amble on to a leisurely 5pm. The restaurant also opens in the evenings in July and August; however, it is always best to get in touch first, as opening hours are of course always subject to the weather given the sublime outdoor setting of La Guérite.

If you want us to book you a table at La Guérite during your stay at one of our holiday apartments, please contact us at the office.

Keely Lise Barrett–

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Bouillabaisse, the robust fish stew native to Marseille, has achieved far greater renown than the more modest soupe de poissons served along most of the French Riviera. Yet, at its best, soupe de poissons is just as magnificent and far more affordable. Unlike bouillabaisse, which is made with a mix of fully-grown fish and served in two courses – first the soup, then the fillets – soupe de poissons tastes best when made with small rockfish, often no more than a few centimetres long. The cook first melts onions in olive oil before adding the fish – heads, tails, eyeballs and all – and chopped fresh tomatoes. Water and a fistful of sea salt replace the seawater originally used in this soup, while saffron and chilli pepper bring spice to the dish and several glugs of olive oil add richness. The soup is served with croutons (dried slices of baguette), grated Gruyere or Parmesan, and plenty of rouille, a rust-coloured mayonnaise made with garlic, chilli and saffron. Spread the rouille on the croutons, top with cheese, float in the soup and you will be eating soupe de poissons like a native. Bon appétit!

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